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Qualifying Times Ministries is located in Western Massachusetts, although its ministry impact reaches far beyond the borders of the United States. QTM ministers comfortably in small to large church and conference settings. The heart and desire of Bob & Linda Hawley, the founding pastors of this new, fresh, and anointed prophetic revelatory ministry, is to see the fire of God reach All of the Northeast and beyond. This wonderfully gifted couple have been extensively trained and equipped to serve the overall church for the purpose of equipping, training, setting those free from patterns that are difficult to break, helping those who feel stuck to move forward, for the building up the saints, and helping those understand their giftings and destiny as well releasing them for this generation.

QTM is an unusual ministry of a husband and wife team who desire the Body of Christ to come to a greater understanding of scripture, as well what the scriptures say about the Body of Christ having the right and ability to really walk in authority and power for the purpose of setting the captives free. As difficult times approach, such times offer greater opportunities for the Lord to empower us for the purpose of making life-changing impacts upon those He desires to touch through us.

Brothers and sisters, we are in exciting times and it is our desire to enable those who are called by Christ to rise above the Lord please come quickly so I can get out of here overwhelmed position into a Lord, hold back your return until we can reach more souls a ruling and reigning, or sacrificial position. The former reflects a defeated Christian mentality while the latter reflects a kingly, overcoming, or an advancing and more matured Christian position.

We are not debating a rapture theology yet we are acknowledging what the hearts of so many Christians in difficult times have been crying out. Brother & sisters, we are the Devils greatest concern are you really aware of this? He is so concerned that the Church may begin to understand who she is that the he spends all of his remaining existence trying to keep her asleep so she does not become a threat to him and/or his goals.

The above overcoming spirit flows with the scripture that says: And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives unto death. What will be the testimony of His Church? Lord, please get us out of here? It is important that we (as His Bride) are called to rise and begin to believe that what He said is dependable and true. Beloved, such a heroic position closes the door the enemy would have on any Christian’s heart. What are the rewards for such a sacrifice? Absolutely HUGE and everlasting.

If we love our lives in a particular area or desire anything above Christ, that area becomes the carrot the Devil will use against us. The Spirit of The Bride is calling out to those who will hear His voice in this generation. It’s time that we, as Christians, take our rightful place and begin to rule and reign with Christ NOW! Scripture says: Creation groans and waits for the sons of God to rise and take their rightful place. If creation waits for the sons of God to take their rightful place, what is this place? It is the place of ruling and reigning with Christ. When are the sons to rule? Is it when they are raised? Once raised, will they begin their training to become rulers with Christ? No, the time you were saved was the time your training began and the heavenly transformation of your heart was initiated.

This understanding will change your life and the way you look at your destiny. Many Christians are just wondering or struggling trying to figure out what and why such trials and tribulation befall them. Pastors are overwhelmed by the ongoing need of the body. QTM feels there needs to be a renewing of the mind (a new way of thinking) Kingdom thinking. We, at QTM, believe we are all being qualified (or fashioned) through these difficult times to rule and reign with Christ now and in the age to come. Man was originally given the authority to rule the earth. Adam handed it over to Satan. Christ came to the earth not only to save us from our sins but to also restore that authority (usurped by the Devil) back to his children. If Jesus restored authority to His children what is that authority? When will you begin to walk in it? And what will it look like?

Brothers and sister, we are in QUALIFYING TIMES!! What we do now and for the balance of our lives will determine how we qualified. How we qualify determines our ruling position with Christ. (Are we just in a city or do we rule over one, five, or ten cities?) Scripture also says: You good and faithful servant, come in and enter my rest, and He who has little take it away and give it to him who has much.

What is the little and the much that Jesus is speaking about? It is time we begin to understand the scriptures before our days have passed us by.

Welcome to “KINGDOM” thinking! How are you qualifying in these times?

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