About Pastor Bob: Bob Hawley has been a Christian from the time he was seven years of age. He would speak of the Lord to everyone who came in contact with him. As a result, his family members would call him Father Bob, or Preacher Boy. Bob knew something was different about him. While his peers simply wanted to play, Bob would be telling them about Jesus. As a child he was persecuted for his strong faith, but over the years the name calling would not discourage him and he has continued to spread the good news of the Kingdom.

It is said by so many that Bob has an unusual amount of faith (even the gift of faith) as well an unusual anointing of the prophetic (or a prophetic gifting). He flows in a strong gift of dream interpretation and understandings of visions. It is said that when he prays over you, he reads your mail. Bob just believes it the Lord revealing through him that the Lord is still watching, is aware of your heart, and reveals the secretes of the heart because God goes out of His way to prove He’s not mad and still love them. You can see Bob each Saturday evening on the QTM’s live webstream at 7:00PM (EST). Bob is now on web radio four times a day. In addition to his recorded teachngs, Bob has recently been invited to speak and minister under a live broadcast setting.

You will not hear Bob yell at a speaking engagement for the purpose of trying to raise your faith. Bob feels truth doesn’t require yelling to be heard or received. He simply allows the truth of the Word of God to speak to their hearts. The Word of God is more than enough. You will occasionally hear Bob say if God said it that settles it and the Lord honors His Word. All we need to do is step out and allow God the right to defend what He says is truth. We cannot do as good of a job defending God as He is able to do for Himself.

Bob has been evangelizing one-on-one (and to larger audience) from the age of nine. Bob has preached and discipled Christians throughout New England, into the northernmost parts of Quebec, all the way down to Aruba and Venezuela. Wherever he goes, the anointing of the Lord flows. Bob’s newest adventure has arisen out of an invitation from a radio station to allow them to broadcast his teachings on Christian radio; reaching the audiences within the US and other countries, i.e. Bermuda, England, Caribbean, Trinidad, Philippines, Brazil, Canada, and Africa.

Many attending his meetings have received the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus or have been restored back to the kingdom from a backslidden state. Their personal relationship was strengthened, their devotion reignited. Others have received healing (emotional & physical) from their Heavenly Father. Others have received deliverance from afflictions that have plagued them or hindered them from fulfilling their God-given destiny. Their gifting and calling come alive when Bob prays over them.

So many are claiming Bob has been gifted by God with an unusual prophetic gift. He regularly receives revelation from the Holy Spirit to speak forth words of knowledge and wisdom, prophecies over both individuals and the corporate body, and many times Bob will receive revelation as he teaches (even midstream). He has been known to preach and teach (without notes) spontaneously for up to seven and one half (7.5) hours straight without losing his audience. As Bob teaches what the Bible says, he demonstrates before his audience so they too can believe the Bible is the Word of God!

Bob truly walks in the favor of the Lord and the Lord regularly answers his prayers or honors his request even in the meetings. Words of knowledge are regularly a part of his ministry. Many people are healed as words of knowledge and/or words of wisdom come forth; even the prophetic emerges with an unusual accuracy. On occasions Bob has been given names and dates. Very often the Lord shows him individuals when they are at a particular age, what they are wearing, and what is being felt, spoken, or said to others. Bob feels these specifics are given to the individuals as a means of encouraging their faith. Even for those who have not received healing, they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are genuinely loved.

Bob strongly teaches that the days of the one-man-shows are ending and the Lord is raising a generation that will walk in Kingdom Authority. As a result of being called out to speak at various churches and meetings, Bob has prayed over Pastors and home group leaders and others to receive the same anointing he has received. These pastors and leaders are responding back that they are seeing increased healing occurring in those God has entrusted to them (see some of the testimonies). As he prays over those in the audience, they begin to see increases in their prayer life, a greater desire to read God’s Word, rededicating their lives back to Christ, and even marriages are being restored.

About Pastor Linda: Linda Hawley has also felt the hand of God on her life and has been a steadfast believer throughout her Christian experience. Throughout her life and her counseling ministry, and through the people she meets and ministers to, she has experienced His divine order on her life’s path, opening new doors to future ministry and destiny. Her full-time private practice has provided Biblically based, Spirit lead counseling for over 15 years to believers, non-believers, lay people, and full time ministry leaders alike.

Linda is also a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Massachusetts and has been accepted as a preferred provider by many health insurance companies. Linda has also been honored by being selected as Professional of the Year representing mental health care and for the Registry of Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs by Cambridge’s Who’s Who for 2007-2008, 2008-2009. Linda flows in an unusual gift of wisdom and counsel. Even her husband Bob states he feels he has benefited greatly from her gift of counsel and wisdom. As a result of her counsel, many families have been preserved, restored, and reunited. Her clients respond back to her that they have gained a much better understanding of what is occurring in their lives and as a result no longer feel overwhelmed. Pastors are responding that her counsel is sound and Biblically based. They are seeing their members benefit greatly from her counsel and their load has been reduced.

The Team: Bob & Linda are former Elders of Gateway Christian Fellowship (Dr. Brian Simmons) and now serve as Pastors for Qualifying Times Ministries. They also formerly served as home group leaders for over 17 years (in Massachusetts), taught a group at Gateway every Sunday (when not ministering elsewhere), and served as pastor assistants to the Gateway Christian Fellowship pastoral team. Presently, Bob & Linda are both ordained through Qualifying Times Ministries, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization. Bob is also ordained through the Apostolic Resource Center (ARC). In their numerous roles, they also minister to ministry leaders, pastors, priests, and lay people alike.

Those who have received from their ministry have testified of healings, miracles, signs & wonders, marriage and family relationships being restored, healing of wounds to the heart, and healing from emotional and traumatic memories. Even the hearts of youth are set on fire for the Lord again.

Through their weekly teachings, life group, and after church Marketplace Ministry, the young and old, as well as waiters, waitresses, and even the managers have come to love this couple. It is not unusual for those who have benefited from their ministry to call them Mom & Dad. They demonstrate an unusual love towards all not just a select few or those who have specific talents or gifts. They believe each individual is special and deserves to be treated equally no favorites. They have taken under their wing many who have been raised in single-parent and/or dysfunctional homes. As a result, love is restoring the hurting to healing. We believe the Lord has called Bob & Linda to equip His Bride in an unprecedented manner a better way (through love which causes Heaven to respond). It can be said that this couple represents the true love of a mother and father.

Bob & Linda have studied under well-known and trusted ministries over the years. They have been visitors at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Church (numerous times in recent years), the Brownsville Revival, and have been ministered to by Randy Clark and the Global Awakening Team. They have received training from many other wonderful well-known and accepted ministries within the body of Christ as well as an anointing for wisdom. They even visited the Lakeland Revival during its time. As they feel not everything was from God (as in any revival), nor can everything hidden stay hidden; yet they admit, many claim to have benefited from this revival emotionally, physically, as well as received encouragement to step out and allow God to use them. You will hear them say: No oxen in the stall will allow the stall to stay clean but not much work is accomplished. Stalls with oxen are messy, although much work is accomplished. Not everything is clean and shiny, but this is when it becomes the most crucial time for mothers and father to rise to the occasion and help mother and father the messy oxen.

This ministry dynamic-duo has been trained in areas of Kingdom Work that is not widely understood or practiced in the majority of churches today. These include deliverance from demonic bondage or influence, inner healing, ungodly beliefs, generational sins and curses, and the ministry of the Father’s love.

Bob & Linda have been called a rare breed in the body of Christ. They are hungry for more of what the Lord has for them and are eager to offer and give out the Holy Spirit’s anointing to those in need and who are hungry for more. They have been married for over 24 years and they give their marriage their first priority. From their union flows streams of compassion, mercy, and favor which can be experienced by all they meet.

They have received words of encouragement that they would be reaching all peoples and it has begun. They have ministered to the Cree Indians in Northern Quebec to residents of Aruba. Those that have been changed by their ministry still call them to say THANK YOU. These individuals have been seeking help for so many years and the Lord has brought this couple to help. Bob & Linda most recently received a call from a Cree Indian who just wanted to thank them again for coming and ministering on the Cree reservation. As a result of their ministry, this Cree Indian’s marriage and his relationship with his Heavenly Father have been restored, and this couple’s relationship is stronger than ever. Bob was invited to speak at a church in Vermont. The fire of the Holy Spirit was evident like no other time. It can be said, the church was reunited with the fire and love of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well reacquainted with the Holy Spirit. Healing after healing after healing occurred. Bob not only demonstrated the Kingdom but teaches others to walk in a kingdom anointing as well. See the testimony page and read what is being said by those who attended.

We believe the Lord has called Bob & Linda to equip His Bride in an unprecedented way. They bring the Kingdom of God wherever they are called to speak. You can read about what the Lord is doing in and through them or request they come to your church and see for yourself.

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