Ashap’s Heart Church: Jan 2009
Having just returned from a week in Lakeland FL., where members of Asaphs Heart were set free from Heroin, a young women had her eyesight restored, another was strengthened in his faith to see so many young adults that love the Lord so much they would travel from all over the world to worship the lord in spirit and in truth. I received a new tongue language that was a confirmation of Gods will in my life.

Upon my return a young man asked me if he could come with me that night to church for he needed to be in the Lords house and to receive a touch from Jesus, we arrived at Gateway to find that they were just completing a week of revival. We answered the alter call and Bob Hawley was ministering to all who were answering the call, He ministered to all to my left and walked right by me an continued to minister to those to my right. I felt I must be good to go and I didn’t need a word having just returned from being filled up in Lakeland FL, I was drained 3k miles, heavy worship and anointing when Bob Hawley returned to me and asked me if I knew why he passed me by? I said I didn’t know why. Bob stated that the Lord was still talking to him about me and he had to finish listening to Him. It was very hard to stand up in God’s presence while Bob was speaking to me and it was hard for Bob to stand up as well. We both had people holding us up.

Bob said Mike you have many sheep bites upon your back, I said you that was true. Bob then said Mike used to do a lot of Holy Ghost inspired writing. I had to think about this comment and the Lord reminded me of the HRS I would write just listening to what the spirit was saying and I would write down. I had completely forgotten about this after all it was over 25 yrs ago. All of a sudden I had this overwhelming feeling that I had known Bob for a long time, an instant friendship. A bonding in the anointing of the Spirit. I informed Bob that I had been asking the Lord for a few items on a regular daily basis, Bob told me that the Lord was giving me everything I was asking for.

Bob then stated that the lord Jesus was placing a crown out of heaven upon my head with a name written upon the crown . He began to walk away and then he returned and said do not take what I just told you lightly in my 32 yrs of ministry I have never seen the Lord do that, and he admonished me not to tell everyone everything the Lord shows me. The most unusual thing he did was to push hard upon my side and he was speaking in tongues, I thought it a strange move and I pondered this in my mind. We went to Denny’s Restaurant in Vernon on the way home when b/4 dinner was served I began to feel a great deal of pain, I excused myself and went to the bathroom having a great deal of pain in my side, I became aware of a great deal of blood that was being expelled instead of the usual mellow yellow. I returned to the table and ate my dinner pondering the meaning. This went on for a few days all the while I was remembering that he had pressed hard upon my side. Something was happening for sure.

We were able to get together a few months later when I invited him to minister at my church Asaphs Heart in Willington CT. Many were set free, delivered, healed, loved upon, taught truth, set in their place in the body of Christ, parent’s children two that I know of entered drug rehab programs, one young man was delivered of Heroin on the spot. God moved in a mighty way through Bob and his team of Christians that helped him minister to all of us. We worshiped the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. We enjoyed fellowship with good food and joy upon the evening’s end. You can click on the healing links on Bobs web page were you can see the healings as they happened.

If you have wisdom you will know when you are being blessed by the Lord and that he is ordering your footsteps, I also know that you are to bless a man of God I pray that all who read this testimony do just that, if you have not blessed him I suggest you do so!

More I could write page after page of the healings, and forgiveness, that I have witnessed, but to see my sister step forward and be used of God after 35 yrs of me praying says it all. Pull out your wallets, ask what you can do to help this kind man and his wonderful bride and I promise you, you will be blessed.

Mark a good man, follow him, watch his life!

Sincerely yours in Christ

Pastor Mike Hills


Willington Ct

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