We came to the 5PM meeting at the Old Brick Church with more than a little caution. Please allow me to explain. Over the years, Deborah and I have been to many, many meetings. Almost without exception, these meetings have been described as “life changing,” “high impact,” “powerful,” “kingdom releasing” … well you get the idea. Yet in truth, we have seen very little, if any, true impact, very little change in those who have attended. Everyone goes; gets excited and then goes back to the same old same old. We had grown tired of that, we wanted more. As a consequence, we have been to very few meetings, and then mostly out of relationship.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that God did not show up at those meetings. He has, and at times powerfully. But God shows up in our living room as well. It’s always good when the Lord comes, yet we were looking for more, we were looking for the Kingdom to truly be released. The Word says “… these signs shall follow them …” so where were the signs?

We came to the Old Brick Church partly out of curiosity, and partly because the third hand information we had indicated this was about harp and bowl worship, something we have a special love for. We know of Gateway, and in our experience, have found their leadership and teaching to be solid. The Lord seemed to be in this, so we went.

The worship was good; especially when the young worship leader allowed herself to flow with the Spirit, then it was very good. Bob’s teaching was excellent. As he spoke I began to see his heart cry for the Kingdom to be released on the earth. At one point Bob asked for volunteers willing to take a risk, and Deborah stepped forward as the Lord had told her He wanted her to take more risks. She then proceeded to prophesy to a man she had never met before with precision and accuracy, a gifting she had often questioned. (Deborah has been told prophetically that she had this gifting, but had not really seen it manifest, and had asked the Lord for impartation before she went.) As Bob continued to speak, people were touched and ministered to. When he asked for volunteers to pray with him for healing, I hesitated a few beats, (I wanted to give others a chance first), and then went forward.

As Bob prayed for the first few people, I was impressed by the time he took with each one as he prayed with passion and expectation. The Father’s heart and passion for His children shone through his actions and words. I also saw that this was not a “one pony show,” as Bob’s tool pouch was full and he was ready to pull out whatever “tool” he needed for the job. After a few minutes, he asked me if I wanted to pray for the others. I stepped in and for the rest of the evening, Bob leaned on my shoulder, releasing his anointing, coaching me and occasionally stepping in as needed. The next few, (yes few), hours were a powerful time of healing as under Bob’s tutelage we pressed through, taking as much time as needed to see complete healing in all who came forward. At one point, we saw one for whom we had prayed receive several “spontaneous” healings as the Lord touched her in places we had not prayed for.

It was truly a powerful time, but as they say in the commercials, “but wait there’s more!” There was a transfer of anointing. The following Tuesday, Deborah and I prayed for several in our home church, seeing healings of fibromyalgia, hip and foot pain. Perhaps the most powerful moment came as the Lord caused one of our members to experience a spontaneous inner healing as she was brought back to a time of deep wounding and the Lord revealed to her the lie that caused the wounds and the truth that brought the healing. That brings us back to the beginning of this note. Deborah and I saw witnessed the kingdom of God released with signs and wonders following. What more can we ask? Well OK, come back soon!

Pastor Kevin Dougherty

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