During our recent trip to the Cree Indians, I was privileged to have as part of the ministry team Bob & Linda Hawley!!

Their willingness to be used by the Lord and the Love that they pour out to others is always amazing and a true blessing to everyone on the team and those that they minister to!

During one of the evening services that I asked Bob to minister, he ministered a message on Offenses because of that message and Bob’s willingness to deliver it, there was among other things a Tremendous Reconciliation that took place.

The following is my explanation of what took place. This is my story of what happened during one of the meetings that Bob Hawley ministered- (Dennis)

“In this particular meeting was an individual from one of the local churches who was not supportive of these Father Heart Meetings. For some reason he came to the meeting on this night. After the message was done, on the subject of “Offenses” he made his way to the platform and began to share with all of us that prior to the meeting he had a Dream in which he saw himself and Billy Diamond going to a large group of people and trying to bring them into safety from a large storm that was approaching! He began to share that he now understood what this meant. That he and Chief Billy were to be working TOGETHER to bring the perishing and wounded into a place of Salvation and Healing. He continued to Confess that HE was one who had spoken AGAINST these meetings and had told the people NOT to help in ANY way! He then began to REPENT of this and ask Chief Billy and all those present to Forgive him! Father came at that moment and began to Release him and Touch him in a powerful way. He was Filled to overflowing with Father’s love as Chief Billy and our ministry Team ministered to him!! This precious brother will NEVER be the Same!” What a Powerful move of Father’s Love!!!

I would not hesitate to have Bob & Linda as part of Get A Life’s Ministry Team! In fact, it would be a privilege and an honor! They truly portray in every way the wonderful Depth of Father’s Great Love!

There were many other instances of their wonderful example of Father’s love in all the personal ministry that they did. They are always willing to give of themselves without hesitation. As they ministered in the personal sessions, I saw tremendous Tenderness and compassion toward each individual that they ministered to. In each case, there was a wonderful healing/release from the emotional bondage that held the Cree Indians captive! There was testimony after testimony from the Cree’s as to how The Father and Jesus came into their Hurt and Pain and spoke Truth that broke the lies they’ve believed all their lives! All I can say, is, TREMENDOUS job Bob & Linda!!!! We love and appreciate all that the Lord is doing in your lives and Ministry!! Pastor Dennis Marchant

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