If you are a pastor or leader of a larger home group that meet regularly and would like to have Bob & Linda Hawley minister at your location please send an email request to Bob@QualifyingTimes.org or fill out the form below. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 413-391-0341. We ask that you consider the following basic guidelines to accompany your request for ministry.

  1. We consider a committed prayer covering before, during and after our ministry with you to be a necessary component for lasting effect on your church and community.
  2. Those requests which have a follow-up plan after our ministry will have the greatest impact.
  3. We request clean, nonsmoking accommodations for team members in a motel/hotel.
  4. The only financial commitment we ask is that our travel expenses be covered in advance, along with accommodations, meals and local travel to be paid by the hosts. We do not require a specific honorarium. We do ask that love offerings be received for Qualifying Times Ministries. We prefer to book our own airline tickets to avoid scheduling problems, and we always seek the lowest coach fares.
  5. If requesting Qualifying Times Ministries, we prefer to remain in our hotel room(s) for study, work and prayer when not speaking. Please guard our privacy during this time.
  6. We like to minister with local church leaders during our stay, but we request that no other engagements or personal meetings be scheduled without prior approval.
  7. We ask that the speaker and ministry team’s room number(s) be kept confidential, so that they are not disturbed at inappropriate times.

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Expected Speaking Schedule
Type/Nature of Meeting
List of Other Confirmed Speakers
Number of Congregations Involved
Number of expected attendance
Denomination or Ministry affiliation (if any)
Vision For the Meeting

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