Podcasting is a method of publishing files via the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed to receive new files automatically. For you, this new feature we have added enables you the user to receive the “Teaching of the Week” or what we have called Pastor Bob’s “Qualifying Moment” a new and fresh teaching which will be available each time you access the iTunes store. Simply select Pastor Bob’s available teachings and the down load process begins. Once you have created an iTunes account (free accounts are available) each time Pastor Bob new teaching will automatically download every time a new teaching is posted.


Qualifying Times Ministries is making available to you fresh teachings we have called “A Qualifying Moment.” As these teachings become available, you will have free access buy going to the iTunes store and receiving our free podcast. These teachings are spontaneous teaching released under a prophetic anointing. With so many on the go, we feel making Pastor Bob Hawley’s teaching available to you in numerous formats, no one should be left out from receiving what the Lord is saying to His people in this ever-so-changing environment. Feel free to download each teaching as they become available (normally on a weekly bases). If you would like to receive Pastor Bob’s teachings on a regular bases follow the steps below:

The first step in getting your podcast subscription to Qualifying Times Ministries “Teaching of the Week” Podcast is to download the latest version of iTunes from Apple.com. There are both Mac and PC versions available free of charge.

Subscribe to our “Teachings of the Week” podcast by clicking here, this will open iTunes and take you to our FREE podcast. Once there click “Subscribe”

Download the latest “Sermon of the Week” podcast. Press the “” button next to the teaching you would like to down load. See image below:

Once this step is completed you can listen straight from your computer, download to your iPod, or burn to a CD.

For advanced users: Our Podcast url is: http://qualifyingtimes.org/podcast.php (copy and paste into iTunes).

Note: If you do not have iTunes and would like to listen to Pastor Bob’s teachings (Click Here). Scroll down the page, select a teaching, and click on the play button.

1. Be sure to download the latest iTunes at (iTunes Update)
2. Updating the latest iPod software for your iPod is recommended;

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