Welcome to our testimony page. We are beginning to bring this page up to speed…. This page represents testimonies sent in by others. Some are responses by telephone with the request that we post them on their behalf.
Remember: Testimonies are encouraging to all who read them (including the minister or ministry team).

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2010 09-10 Testimony: I am FREE / Husband slept the entire night through, for the first time in over 10 years “Pastor Bob, Great is God’s faithfulness. Thank you for Qualifying Times. It has touched our lives in so many ways. Thanks for leading me through two terms of prayers for deliverance and healing of my soul. From the past hurts as a molested child to a forgiving woman to all the men in my life who have let me down beginning with my Father and Brothers, Husbands and Ministers who weren’t there for me.This was so awesome the way you had me Give the Gift of Forgiveness to those who were not worthy of them, yet as I sat here at home forgiving…my cries were loud sobs from the depths of my soul…coming out and going to the pit of hell wherein they came from.

I am most grateful to be able to say ….I am FREE. Even Cliff my husband and my daughter Kathy saw and knew my pain from years past and now see me different…Its incredible what the Love of God can heal within us. Amen…. Thanks for taking the time with each soul who comes to Qualifying Time and you minister life. Amen God bless your ministry Pastor Bob. The healing of my back, still stands, my joy is back and my husband is being touched by the Lord. Pastor Bob, Cliff slept the entire night through, for the first time in over 10 years….. last night after you prayed for his head trauma of PTSD….TBI and depression. He hasn’t had a seizure since Pastor Jerry Lemley @Faith Center Church here in Sulphur two years ago. God is definately working things out for HIS GLORY. Amen…. Please share my testimony with the other ladies who need God to heal them from abuse. God bless you all there at Qualifying Times…we love you guys…amen” ~ Joyce

2010 09-04 Testimony: ANXIETY FOR 25 YEARS: I have wanted to submit this testimony on Saturday night for you to receive; however it seems like the past few Saturday nights have been really busy!

I have struggled off and on with social anxiety for 25 years. There are a number of ways that this impacted me – I have turned down making presentations; job interviews; jobs; and leading small groups and speaking in front of people at church events because I was too scared that I would freeze and stop talking or cry. I have cried in front of people before, and I did not want to do it again. On the evening of August 21, you and so many other people helped me through the first steps of becoming bolder and not being socially anxious. God, through you, started a process of change within me that evening. Thank you so much for being used by God to help bring restoration. You are so greatly appreciated. ~ Lonnie

2010 08-28 Testimony: NO MORE KICKING OR SCREAMING: Hey Pastor Bob! I just wanted you to know about what happened this past week! Let me recap in case you haven’t heard. I had a weird week. I ended up in the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. In the midst of all that was going on.. all I could remember is you saying.. “no more kicking, screaming, biting, hitting, dragging your feet, or crying. You need to remember not think of your circumstances but to think of the opportunity in front of you”. That really got me through the next few days!.. Boy I sure needed to see the opportunity or I would’ve really “lost it”. I was able to pray for a dying child (code blue in children’s wing), sick woman, and other things going on around me. I left the hospital with hugs from the majority of the nursing staff Just had to share that what you say does stick with us and we do use it during the week/month/year!.. Thanks for being such a great servant of God. And Please tell Linda I was so honored to sit next to her during all the fun last Sunday!.. She’s just so precious! Many blessings! ~ Kristina

2010 08-08 Testimony: LIFE CHANGED OVERNIGHT….. “THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS…life CHANGED overnight….SO thankful! indescribable….(timely) Keep em comin…..please” ~ Paula ()

2010 08-03 Testimony: CANCER HEALED……Just a little note to let you know that a young woman that comes to Asaphs Heart (Ashley) told me her mother Audrey was living with cancer, they stuck needles into her hip and found cancer. They put a prayer request into your ministry and she told me on Sunday that they checked her out again and she is cancer free!!! Jesus is good to us. Ashley wanted you to know how happy she is and to thank you for praying for her mother. All the best to you. ~ Pastor Mike …. Friends, God’s mercies are so wonderful!!!

2010 06 20 Testimony: Joyce sent you a message. Pastor Bob, Cliff had me man the keys last night as I type faster than him for getting prayer for Zella and Sable Harden. These are two Ordained Ministers who have been under severe attack for about a year losing family members and critical issues to their health. Last night they came believing since I got touched. They had been here last week but not asked for prayer. They came and you prayed and the group agreed and prayed with you. We had never seen you get so happy. Zella’s knees were healed and Sable was healed of colitis, back pain and the disc’s felt ok after God touched him while you were continuing to pray. We all got so happy too. Shouting is in line with joy of healings. Praise the Lord for HIS Miracles for us here below. Our Testimonies stand and we are healed by Jesus Stripes through group and leadership Prayer. God bless you Pastor Bob for the revelation knowledge about Sable’s spine and the demonic attacks from others coming against him. YOU WERE RIGHT ON!!!! ZELLA WAS DANCING. ~ JOYCE GUY

2010 06 20 Testimony: Tonight’s message was so timely for me, many things that were a confirmation of what God is doing in my life. The prayer time was fantastic, seeing God move once again, Father we give you all Glory for the great things you have done and we know you continue to do.. Deep Breathing, Oh how wonderful. ~ Dy

2010 06 19 (Sat) Testimony: On May 8, 2010, I was blessed with Pastor Bob on qualifyingtimes.org. The message (John 4:46 – 54) concerned the nobleman traveling 20 miles to meet Jesus for his son’s healing. I felt that I was similar to that father – stretching out on faith to meet Jesus for the complete healing of my son. My 15 year old son suffered a major concussion/brain injury on February 18, 2010 during a varsity basketball game. Over the next several weeks and months, I felt guilty and helpless, as my son suffered. He couldn’t focus to see things, his speech was affected, and he lost his sense of hearing and smell. The Lord healed my son, but suddenly on April 30th, he had a setback. His personality totally changed, speech was somewhat affected, and he couldn’t focus his eyes. I have always been a person that was full of faith, and never doubted God’s ability – but I was disappointed and saddened to see my son like this once again. So a wonderful friend of mine and sister in Christ shared Pastor Bob’s ministry with me, and what a wonderful evening that was. Pastor Bob took the time to understand the entire story, and then wanted me to get a tub/bucket and wash my son’s feet, while repeating, “The Lord requested that I wash this nobleman’s feet.” He also explained that this setback was to fulfill the destiny – prayed for me and reassured me that my son would be fine. Before the middle of the next week came, my son was acting like his old self, and we’ve been celebrating, Pastor! Thank God for complete healing and deliverance, and thank God for how he truly uses you in blessing others! ~ Michele Velez “Believer”

2010 06 13 Testimony: I was in the online meeting on June 12th and I sent in a prayer request in regards to my lower back. God is so good. During the prayer I could feel the Holy Spirit flowing over me. With my hands raised up towards Heaven I received the healing. After feeling this Pastor Bob told me to test my back out. Which I did. My back cracked in more than one place and I’m not feeling any more pain. I have full range of motion now and I give all the glory to GOD! Praise HIS Holy Name! ~ Margo Oakes

2010 06 13 Testimony: I asked for prayed for Asthma and as the Pastor and the people prayed I felt the Power of the Holy Spirit, It was fast and now I am not using my oxygen or breathing machine. I have moved around and still when I take deep deep breaths there is no coughing or light headedness. Praise be to God, ~ Dy Manna

2010 05 29 Testimony: As you all know we received an emergency prayer see below:

prayer_request: Autumn is in the hospital giving birth. They induced her this morning because of the issues they had with Rachel. We just received a call that they found meconium in the fluid. Rachel almost died because of that, so we are coming against it on the behalf of Autumn, Gideon and little Michaela.

Followup Testimony: Michaela Lilyetta Amy Steinberg was born in good health at 5:29. She weighs 7lbs, 9 oz and is 20″ long. Mom and daughter are perfectly healthy. Michaela’s APGAR score (measures a newborns health) was between an 8 and a 9 VERY good! Her sister had similar difficulties and was born with a score of zero. Rachel spent almost 2 months in NICU as a result of very similar circumstances. Team, PRAYER WORKS…. to those who prayed…. your reward of LOVE is before you….. Thanks for being part of the QTM prayer team……

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