We would like to thank you for coming and ministering at The Brick Church in North Clarendon, Vermont. We would also like to thank you for teaching us the truth and for taking as much time as it needed to pray for those who wanted prayer (Our service on Saturday began at 5:30pm and ended at around 1:00am on Sunday). Bob and his team didn’t worry about the hour. They simply took the time needed to do as God was leading. Thank you for allowing God to flow through you to minister hope into the lives of His people.

I so appreciate Bob’s heart of compassion. It’s apparent in everything he does; from teaching, to praying for healing, to ministering a Word of Knowledge and/or Word of Wisdom. I also appreciate how he took time to teach, even while praying with someone. His words of instruction were insightful and Biblically accurate; his explanations, etc., useful and relevant.

As a Pastor it was a tremendous blessing to watch God minister to our people through him and his team. Throughout the weekend I was brought to tears and at times laughter as I watched God use them to minister hope, healing and encouragement to the sheep that God has entrusted to me. Truly Bob is a man through whom God speaks; no doubt about it!

Bob didn’t just come and minister and then leave, with hopes of returning. He came and ministered and taught God’s people how to pray and to minister as they rule and reign with Christ. He taught us what it means to live in qualifying times.

As a Pastor, I highly recommend, without reservation, the ministry of Qualifying Times to you and your congregation.

In His service,

Pastor William Kingsley

The Brick Church at Clarendon

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